Resource accounting systems within the framework of the Smart City project

The Smart City system includes the task of monitoring and managing the infrastructure of a city / region based on the collection of "key" indicators for each type of resource
The principles of the Smart City
  1. Human orientation
  2. Smart Housing
  3. Quality urban resource management and effective urban planning
  4. Comfortable and safe urban environment
  5. Service Economy
    Smart City Solutions from OCTAFORM
    Infrastructure Monitoring
    • Water supply
    • Water disposal
    • Power supply
    • Heat supply
    • Lighting
    • TCR turnover
    • Storm sewer
    • Balance sheet

    Quality control of the supply of resources
    • Pressure control
    • Temperature control
    • Power quality control
    • Environmental Monitoring

    • Emergency monitoring and forecasting
    • Leak control
    • Monitoring the environmental parameters of the city
    • Identification of theft of the resource
    • Notification of Civil Defense and Emergencies

    Big Data Formation for Resource Providers
    • Raw data
    • Processed Data for GIS

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