Resource metering systems as part of the designs for Smart Home

The "Smart Home" system performs monitoring and control of building
according to the data collected of "key" indicators for each type of resource
Tasks for Smart Home
  • Ensure the efficient use of a resource
  • Ensure the quality of a resource
  • Reduce payments for primary resources
  • Water budget management
  • Status control of engineering systems
  • Cost savings for building management
  • Big Data Collection for the Smart City Project
    How to assemble a Smart Home
    Primary devices
    Secondary devices
    Сloud storage
    Personal accounts
    Meters and sensors
    • Individual metering devices
    • Household collective metering devices
    • Pressure Sensors
    • Temperature sensors
    • Current Analyzers
    Communication devices
    • Master M-Bus
    • Repiter M-Bus
    • Interface converter
    Реальное или виртуальное хранение данных
    Организован на основе операционной системы Ubuntu, имеющей максимально возможную степень защиты от киберугроз

    Происходит по защищенному каналу с максимально возможной степенью шифрования

    Все данные хранятся на аттестованных серверах в ЦОДах, имеющих надлежащую физическую защиту, сервис и резервирование (Ростелеком и т.д.)
    Individual development for each project
    • Personal or house-wide energy service contracts
    • Virtual alarm
    • Leak control
    • Building Infrastructure Management
    6 Reasons to choose the all-in-one solution Smart Home from OCTAFORM
    Building management system
    • Infrastructure condition monitoring
    • Consumption analytics
    • Consumption management system
    • Drain pipes status control
    Resource delivery quality control
    • Pressure control
    • Temperature control
    • Organoleptic and chemicsl properties control
    Habitat quality control
    • AQI Air Rating
    • Gas analyzers CH4, C3H8, SO2, CO
    • Emergency situations monitoring and forecasting
    • Leakage control
    • Resource theft identification
    • Security and fire alarm
    Personal services OCTAFORM
    • Personal energy service contracts
    • Virtual alarm
    • Alarm and warning system
    • Filters and plumbing fixtures condition monitoring
    • Telemedicine healthcare services
    • Nursing assistance services
    Household collective services OCTAFORM
    • Building Management (Regulation of Consumption)
    • Building Infrastructure Control
    • Consolidation of resource consumption balances
    • Access control
    • Territory management (lighting, cameras)
    • Alarm and warning system
    • Waste management

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